CSURam88, SocrDave and TommyG1979 hop on #DKTV Live at 7 PM ET tonight (February 18th) to discuss topics ranging from the NBA All-Star Break to the NFL Draft as well as Fantasy Oscar Picks. If we’re lucky, the guys can discuss Tommy’s infamous appearance on “Shipmates” back in the early 90s.

Note: Show ended early due to technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience


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Fantasy Oscars

Pretty Simple goals here:

1) Fill out the form
2) Read the instructions for scoring on the form (below as well)
3) Top 10 Win $20 NBA Tickets


You get 100 ‘points’ for each category. The odds to win are shown in parentheses below. If you are correct, you will be awarded points based on the odds for a 100 point bet. For example, if you select “American Sniper” at 40 to 1 for Best Picture, you would earn 4000 points total. At the end, we will sum all points and award DKTV tickets based on the overall winners.