Its getting down and dirty in the Cavs-Bulls playoff series!  Close game at the start of the 4th and a little harmless floater leads to an absolute tangle and an ejection to the player least involved.  Got to give the Cavaliers credit.  When you have no coach and only 1/3 of your best players healthy, it’s time to rip a page out of the ol Ric Flair playbook.  Gotta be THE dirtiest player in the game.

As the Nature Boy says “if you want to be the man you’ve got to beat the man” and sometimes also put yourself in the sharpshooter on national television.  Although it’s a total maniac move can’t really fault Dellavedova here since it worked out perfectly for Cleveland.  Australians just love getting into scrums.  Don’t forget to duck on your way out Taj!