Big thumbs up to ESPN for putting this little number together, it is absolutely perfect. The crazy DeAndre Jordan emoji saga may have been months ago but for all intensive purposes, it hasn’t even started yet. Watching the first two weeks of the NBA this season has legitimately felt like nonstop playoff basketball already, this is almost too much. Even a team STRUGGGGGGGGLING like the Lakers are infinitely entertaining to watch.. and now we have two brutally awesome return trips home.

Granted DeAndre was only there for a hot minute but gotta imagine Mark Cuban, Chandler Parsons and Dirty Dirk will have a few surprises up their sleeves. Is DJ gonna have 48 free throw attempts tonight? Is he getting table-topped if he enters the paint? Also hilarious that LaMarcus Aldridge isn’t really featured in that commercial whatsoever. Does Portland even know he’s gone? Can anyone get mad at the Spurs?

More importantly, play us off Phil!