In a video that has since been removed by the user, Darko Milicic was having a great time guzzling beers with his shirt off listening to some weird music. If you saw the video, it’s obviously entertaining and pretty much speaks for itself as to what’s going on. Here’s a short clip which sums up the video: (1)

The amazing part is just that THIS is what Darko is currently doing with his life after how hyped he was going into the 2003 NBA draft. This guy would have been the No. 1 overall pick in almost any other draft class, but happened to land in a draft with LeBron at the head of it. He was suppose to be the next great big man. Like REALLY great.

Great to the point that Darko went ahead of Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade who went No. 3-5 in the same draft — something I’ll never forget. This wasn’t like 2001 when missing on Kwame Brown at No. 1 (although brutal), and then seeing Tyson Chandler go No. 2 is just kind of a big deal. This was one of the worst picks in NBA history.

The Pistons won the title Darko’s rookie year with a great team. They contended for a while longer, but never reached the top again. Image one of those other three guys on that team? Not only would they have been key coming off the bench for that first championship team, but they likely would have developed into the star that could have helped get that team even more rings.

Crazy to think about what could have been. Chugging beers is fun too, though.

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