D’Angelo Russell has had a pretty pretty prreeeeeetty good summer. Not only getting drafted #2 overall but also getting the opportunity to suit up for one of the all-time storied Franchises. OH and he gets to play with the Black Mamba himself, back in action somehow after a gazillion cadaver transfusions.


Not exactly off to a great start though  gaining Kobe’s favor. As Herman Edwards says, “DON’T PRESS SEND.


Why do rookies think they get to have thoughts?



(Kobe faced him so hard that D’Angelo deleted the original tweet…)





Tracy McGrady is a legendary baller no doubt (not just any old player gets their number retired in China) but uhhh calling him the greatest of all time?

Not even making it a Kobe-Lebron-Jordan debate? Wonder how Mr. 81 will react to this naive blasphemous foolishness..








The Rook adjusted quickly though so not all hope is lost. Kobe does need a deputy that can make some very on the fly CORRECT decisions…








Showtime is BACK baby! Everyone knows the foundation of a good Championship basketball team begins at 10 PM in the Twitterverse. Returning to Greatness is so damn easy in LA.








Definitely a perk of having these emoji’s in your back pocket as a cold-hard reality…







So excited to watch a player who chooses to wear the #1 play/attempt to shoot with Kobe Bryant on the floor. Worth buying NBA League pass solely for that. It’s what the people want. KOBE FACE!