The NBA season is a long, grueling 82-game marathon — and as much as we like to think otherwise at times, the players are humans too. Like us mere mortals, when you work a lot: sometimes you gotta make light of your situation, now matter how childish it may be.

The Clippers have done just that with a new tradition.

Let me explain, short-and-sweet: If you are a player on the Clippers team and you are the last one back into the locker room after the game, you have to dance in front of the entire locker room to a song of the other players’ choosing.

Last night, after an overtime victory vs. the Detroit Pistons: JJ Redick was being interviewed by a Fox Sports Prime Ticket reporter about his vital game-tying 3 at the end of regulation — when…



This is only the beginning. Just wait until the interview subject is DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin, or … wait for it …


Lance gif

Gonna make for an incredible meme and I for one cannot wait.