Ric Flair is an all time legend of wrestling and life but it is still downright INCREDIBLE he’s made a career out of simply screaming three letters. Sometimes there’s a few O’s added on the end but Flair can literally show up anywhere, shout WOO, and always get a positive reaction.

Someday it’ll be so cringeworthy to hear and honestly it’s on the precipice of that now…but until then WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOUUUUU CAN’T STOP AH THE NATCHHHHHHHURE BOI!




But even the Nature Boy and all his Flairamaniacs can’t stack up to this local Cleveland weatherman. After Game 2 he got REAL salty on air about the lack of calls for the Cavaliers.



Needless to say he was not too pleased after last nights game either.

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