How do you follow up a 30-point blow-out in Game 3 of the NBA Finals?

You release some new kicks… Only to get totally blown out again…

On the internet.

Let’s start off by saying the obvious: Stephen Curry is an UNBELIEVABLE basketball player. Back-to-back MVPs, 400+ 3’s, an NBA Championship, and, oh yeah, something about leading his team to the best ever regular season record in the history of the NBA. You can’t question what he can do on the basketball court…

But you DEFINITELY can question his new kicks.

The Curry 2 Low “Chef Curry” shoes from Under Armour were released yesterday and… wow.


Ready for it?


For what it’s worth, Curry has been huge for the Under Armour brand. It’s not the Nike or the Adidas of the sports shoes industry, but hey, they’ve got the best and most marketable basketball player on the planet wearing their shoes.

That being said, the internet had a FIELD DAY roasting these kicks. Everywhere you looked on Twitter, someone was tweeting some kind of photoshop or hilarious caption to go along with these kicks. So let’s take a look. Here’s the best of the best roasts of the “Chef Currys”: