I remember when this happened and how the whole world reacted to Lebron losing his headband like it was Arthur ditching Excalibur. Twitter exploded at the idea of King James somehow playing basketball without a sweat protector on his head and was bewildered by his ability to still move on the court.

And amazingly it worked out for him too… might be the whole reason the Heat were able to come back in that Game 6 and clinch it all in Game 7. Granted Lebron completely choked down the stretch and Ray Allen was the real hero but history is written by the King so no one remembers that now.

Interestingly enough LBJ actually shoots his best percentage without a headband but wearing a sleeve on his left arm. Overall the best King combo is headband + sleeve on right arm. Now where’s the graphic for “Shooting % Depending On Whether The Air Conditioning Works Or Not”?