Batman – $9,100 (Chase)


First of all can you believe this bargain? I feel like Bats should lock me up in Arkham immediately for rostering him at this steal of a price. While Batman may not put up the flashy Westbrook-esque numbers of Krypton’s favorite son, he does offer some incredible upside that those red undies just simply cannot handle. While some view him simply as a “game manager” that just seems way off. Granted his “one rule” can get in the way of truly incredible DK point performances but let’s remember one thing here. This is a dude that is TERRIFIED of BATS and he still BECOMES one


That’s dedication and consistency you can’t find in many targets, let alone tournament plays. Just remember to make your pick wisely or the Jokes on you pal HA HA!

Superman – $10,300 (Fade)


PASS! Sorry I mean FADE!!! How can you turn down a being with unlimited power? Uh it’s pretty simple actually. What’s the point of having an all-powerful alien on your roster IF HE BARELY USES HIS POWERS. In a two and a half hour game how many times is he realistically gonna use his laser eye vision? 3-4 times MAX. That means you’re relying on smashed buildings, tree cat rescues and poorly written Daily Planet articles for most of your DKFP. At such a high price it’s worth looking elsewhere and my personal recommendation is the Luthor/Lois/Kryptonite stack. Otherwise you’re gonna overpay which will likely end with you ripping out all your hair. The red fades are coming! THE RED FADES ARE COMING!!!