In a weird ironic twist, usually 4-year college basketball players are never picked let alone picked high in the lottery. On top of that, for the past decade it’s been a complete toss up on whether the Naismith College Player of the Year can actually handle ballin’ in the Association. It’s been quite the rollercoaster recently




The Charlotte Hornets and Michael Jordan threw all that out the window last night and selected FRANK THE TANK Kaminsky with the 9th overall pick. He didn’t waste anytime making an impression of pure awesomeness



Goes from being a kid that grew up around Chicago, probably with a MJ poster on his wall… to a bigman cornerstone player getting his big checks signed by His Airness himself. Surreal stuff for the Droopy-Eyed Assassin



He’s got confidence, style, skills, and jokes for days. And THIS is his Twitter background… gonna be hard not to get all buzzed up for Frank the Tank this season