Former Dallas Mavericks forward and current free agent Chandler Parsons hosted a Q & A session with his followers on Twitter early this morning, and it’s safe to say some of the responses were great.

Parsons recently declined his player option and opted out of the final year of his contract with the Mavs. He was due to make $16 million this upcoming season, but with the salary cap expected to skyrocket, Parsons is looking out for a pay raise:

opt out

Coming off an injury plagued season which saw Parsons post statistical lows he hadn’t seen since his rookie season, he has an interesting free agent case. He’s still young (27) and still has the potential to still be a dynamic player. Prior to his knee injury, Parsons was one of the top performing forwards in the league, averaging nearly 15 points per game despite missing 37 games over the last two seasons.

His signing with the Mavericks a few years ago came as somewhat of a surprise, as he was a restricted free agent with the Houston Rockets. Dallas signed him to a 3-year, $46 million deal that Houston opted not to match.

With a thin free agent market, Parsons knows his value is high despite his lackluster season. It’s been rumored that the former 2nd rounder out of Florida is seeking a max contract. When asked during his Q & A, he presented a pretty good case as to why he deserves such a deal:

sure do


And there you have it! That’s a quite the pitch.

It remains to be seen if Parsons will actually secure a max deal (he won’t), but there will definitely be a bevy of teams interested. He’s still one of the top options out on the market.

Some other highlights from the Chandler Parsons Q & A:

curry shot

suck at bball