Two athletes at the top of their game just playing around like a little kid! What was Cam doing while his $100 million contract was being negotiated? Taking selfies with Superminiman


And how did Cam celebrate his new cash money? A well earned bowl of Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. After he pops dem (milk) bottles..  



ELITE breakfast game. But is it as strong as Bryce Harper’s selfie game?


This happened during the Blue Jays-Nationals double header when a fan was continually trying to get a selfie with Baby Bryce in the background. He noticed and like the true Goliath of Earth he is, yelled at them to throw him the phone. Just magical. Ballplayers that hit 469 ft homeruns every at bat and take fire ‘grams just don’t grow on trees. Maybe he can also give James Harden some selfie advice. Harden chose, poorly.


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Happy early Father’s Day to that likely very sad Poppa Daddy!


PS This selfie beats everything ever O

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