Media Day in the NBA is fun. Nothing really important happens, but it’s definitely fun.

While I was in Waltham, Mass. doing important things on Friday like listen to Evan Turner discuss a potential side career with Uber, or watch Jae Crowder react to a Twitter attempt to nickname him “Bae” Crowder, some big news was breaking over at MSG.

“I don’t think it’s his last year,” Phil Jackson said of Kobe Bryant at Knicks’ Media Day. No big deal. Plenty of rumors surrounding whether or not Kobe will retire when his contract expires at season’s end.

Oh, wait. Phil wasn’t done.

“Sounds like maybe his last year as a Laker,” Jackson continued. Well, as you may imagine, that stirred up an enormous reaction that Jackson knows something we don’t, and Kobe is going to the Knicks.

Of course, in reality, Jackson was likely just trolling his former organization, as Kobe came out on Lakers’ Media Day on Monday and shot everything down.

“I’m a Laker, man,” Bryant claimed. “How many times do I have to say that? Dude, I bleed purple and gold.”

Fair enough, but lets talk about why this just wouldn’t work anyway.

Sure, Jackson and Derek Fisher are running the show in New York. Yes. ‘Melo and Kobe are very good friends. Anything else attractive about New York right now if you’re Kobe? That’s an easy no.

You think Kobe hated losing the last couple seasons in the Western Conference, where his team actually has a shot to compete this season? Imagine how miserable he would be on an even worse team, sharing shots with Anthony.

If Kobe were to leave L.A. — and he’s obviously not — there are several better places to come up with than the Knicks. But Kobe’s one of the last of a dying breed. He’s far too stubborn to try and win in any uniform other than a Lakers jersey.

If anything happens here (and it won’t), I’d say it’s far more likely the Lakers steal the Knicks’ star player, as I wrote about back in June. If the Knicks want to get good, it’s time to continue to go young. They’re off to a good start. Adding Kobe doesn’t help their agenda. ‘Melo to L.A. on the other hand … that I don’t mind.

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