If you opened this post, you already know what’s up — Boston Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens is the truth. For all of you fellow basketball nerds out there, there are hundreds of Stevens’ “greatest hits” on YouTube when he was at Butler and with the Celtics. Simply put: the man knows how to design offenses and draw up ridiculously effective plays when the game is on the line.

His teams always … ALWAYS get open looks when they need them most. It’s truly amazing.

Well, he did it again last night — nothing that’ll make you jump out of your seat, tell all of your buddies, or was completely revolutionary … but, he used a simple/traditional off-ball screen and added in his own original variation using his best player as a decoy to set up one of his best shooters for the go-ahead game-winning look.

Again, to most people this probably just looks like standard basketball — but, if you are a fan of pretty much any other team other than the Clippers or Spurs … you probably experience what Bill Simmons likes to call “clogged toilet” isolation where you get the ball to your best player and just tell him to go get buckets.

Stevens doesn’t have a “best” player, he has a “best team”.

P.S. Can we please talk about how amazing Avery Bradley’s defense was down the stretch?

Bradley is 6’2″. Gordon Hayward is 6’8″.