You know Stephen Curry, right? Back-to-back NBA MVP, King of the 3s, better than his 2K self, all-renowned basketball star… The guy is on top of the world right now.

That all being said, while Stephen Curry’s dominating the basketball court for the Warriors as they take on the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, there’s a plethora of other Stephen Currys dominating the interwebs.

After a steady search and lots of laughs, we’ve compiled the Best “Stephen Curry” Imitators on the Internet.

Prepare for some laughs (and adorableness)…

5. Santi Araujo

Admirable, but this one needs some work. Mainly making sure the shot goes in… that’s pretty important.

4. Brandon Armstrong (BdotAdot5)

Spot-on. This might not even be his best impression (see James Harden).

3. Noah Cutler

A 5th grader… A 5TH GRADER!

A video posted by Noah Cutler (@babybirdman3) on

2. Steph Furry

Steph Furry vs. Air Bud is basically the equivalent of LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan – if not better (and furrier).

1. Stuff Curry

Because adorable.