HAMMER DON’T HURT EM!!! Just when I think Bdotadot5 has jumped the shark and can no longer entertain me impersonating NBA players… he pulls me right back in! I absolutely love the fresh new format and more than anything he just absolutely nails every player on the LA squad.

CP3 resetting the offense and getting upset no matter what, Paul Pierce refusing to do anything but fade away (love you Paul), Lance being Lance, Josh Smith being the brick layer he is, DJ shooting 14% from the Free Throw line, JJ constantly running around screens with no actual purpose. Hell he even covered the Rivers family too. Terrible step-backs by Austin and guttural confused yelling from Big Daddy Doc. My only critique is there was not NEARLY enough Ballmer.

The Blake Griffin hook-around/power dunk was great and everything but don’t ever forget about this man again Bdotadot! It’s literally material that writes itself…