One day you’re a #1 seed in the NBA playoffs loving life and looking cool doing it….and the next you’ve been swept mercilessly by the Mad King and your new logo becomes a flying flaming ball. Just not a great week for the Atlanta Balls. In addition to the logo there’s also jersey changes coming to the Dirty South. There was a sneak peek of it when the Christmas Day jerseys got leaked but now there’s a pretty good idea of what to expect when they drop.




Thankfully the new logo looks way way better when it’s actually colored in and since it isn’t the primary logo the Hawks will not become the Balls after all. Maybe next time the owner can chill on making this all seem like the second coming




Had enough logos today? WELL TOO BAD THERE’S SO MUCH MORE

The 2016 Toronto All Star Game logo was unveiled and it looks pretty heckin sweet. Sure is giving me a hankering for french fries and gravy sir!




nba3 nba4


Some might even call them magical!