It’s been awhile since the NBA has had a #1 draft pick truly pan out. Aside from John Wall, Anthony Davis, Derrick Rose (sorta), and Lebron ten years before them.. who’s been taken #1 overall recently and actually lifted the hope of the Franchise that got them? The more I see him play, the more I think Andrew Wiggins is the next #1 to take that very step.

Having Kevin Garnett there to be the T-Wolves General is so incredibly underrated and not only is Ricky Rubio returning from injury too but now they also have Karl-Anthony Towns. Ho-Hum just a dominant post up bigman who can also dribble, shoot 3’s, and defend. Who knows, maybe Towns and Wiggins are gonna combine to form the most unstoppable #1 duo OF ALL TIME! Especially if Wiggins keeps making plays like this…



I really think Minnesota is gonna surprise A LOT of people this year in the NBA. Sneaky super deep bench, young guns like Tyus Jones and Zach LeVine everywhere, an angry old man who doesn’t know he’s old, plus those two #1 ACES. It’s a shame Flip Saunders won’t be on the sideline to see this young wolfpack feast but