Per The Vertical‘s Shams Charania: the Golden State Warriors have signed long-time Cleveland Cavaliers big man Anderson Varejao.

Varejao was waived by Portland on Thursday, shortly after being traded to the Trailblazers during a three-way trade involving the Cavs and Orlando Magic — one that landed Cleveland the services of Channing Frye.

Whether this trade was ‘good’ for Cleveland or not, nothing is going to change the mind of this young Cavs fan who did not take the news well … AT ALL … and that one of his favorite players is headed to the team’s biggest competition probably didn’t help either….

Best part of this, by far:


Some guy from the Magic

“But the Magic are very bad.”

Don’t blame ya, little dude, Varejao’s goodbye to Cleveland had me feeling the same way and I got no stake in the game:

Varejao Goodbye