Drake was a busy dude this weekend! Headlining OVA Fest, hanging out with Kanye and Will Smith, piling dumptrucks of dirt onto Meek Mill’s cold useless body… somehow he even found a way to debut new Toronto Raptors threads too!

As the world learned last week, Drake does NOT play around and these uniforms are another example of that. Fresher than the Prince of Bel-Air..


(NBA)- The new look pays tribute to the City of Toronto as well as being the lone Canadian club in the National Basketball Association. The main colours will remain centred on Canada’s national colours of red and white. The chevrons on the side of the jersey will now point “north” to align with our slogan of “We The North.”

The chevrons had pointed downward since being introduced as a uniform accent in 1999. The front of the waistband dons a Maple Leaf, incorporating our new look and feel with the symbol of our nation. The shorts have a shout-out to Toronto, sometimes referred to as the “T Dot.” “T.O.” is stitched on the side with our new logo representing the “O.”




















Raptors may not have a great chance at going BACK TO BACK this season but at least they’ll be looking cool doing it. Just remember to NEVER come at the Warden of the North..