Why’d you have to put that exclamation point after I’m here?  Can’t you just say I’m here with a period?  Shit you’re making puns out of my name too?  Why is my P.R. team so rachet? Smh


Allen Iverson was out and about to promote his new documentary “Iverson” today….Showtime will be airing it tomorrow night at 9 but if you can’t wait to get some ANSWERS then don’t sweat cause THE Answer has you covered.  Iverson zoomed right past the troll toll and got on Facebook to give some well, ANSWERS, to all the people that do that stuff at Noon on a Friday.  Let’s see if he was excited enough to use more than 10 words in an ANSWER



Work? We talkin ’bout work? HARD pass.  Also yea my favorite game was the one I scored all the points.  I scored so many that game it was like I had no teammates. The ultimate dream!



Inspiration.  Mainly the kind that makes you head over to www.alleniverson3.net and buy a bunch of stuff with my face on it.  PS my Geocities site should be back up and running soon!



Steve Nash was tough man he kept running around the court and refused to shoot from one spot.  Also he passed to open teammates all the time that confused me more than anything.  Was it Bank or Banks?  Yea I can’t remember how he spelled his own name but he was definitely the the best



Work?  We talking ’bout work?



I wouldn’t mind being in a Lifetime movie though



Although when Billy King traded for Chris Webber and didn’t get his knees included in the deal I wanted to burn the whole goddamn book



I am fast and I am fearless.  And again, I hate that I have to have teammates.



Only teammate I ever liked/knew name of



How do you get emojis to show up on Facebook?  That money with the wings one.  Bunch of em in a row with the sunglasses smiley prob









I can dribble and cross people up using a football GET OFF ME




Shit he’s gonna kill me for calling him Mike.




IVERSON premieres tomorrow night at 9 pm check it out for more of these ANSWERS