Age ain’t nothing but a number. Alvin “skywalker” Gentry still getting up to throw down. @warriors #DubNation

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EAT YOUR HEART OUT UNCLE DREW YOU AIN’T NOTHIN! Let’s forget for a second here that Alvin Gentry, future coach of the New Orleans Pelicans, used a smidge of wall to assist him. Even with that he still did it by the 2nd attempt. Gotta respect dem old man hops! How many tries did those bros have to do before they made their one stupid little shot? If it’s basketball related and your shooting percentage is under 4%…it’s probably not that cool of a basketball activity.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a very impressive shot and I’m not denying they’re the masters of the 415 footer… but Alvin is a silky 50% AND he’s about to help destroy the hopes/dreams/buildings of an entire city. That makes him a BIGTIME winner in my book. Buhbye Cleveland it was nice knowing you you deserve every flame that sparks tonight! Thank god the NBA is where amazing happens.