That’s right folks, Space Jam 2 is a thing that is ACTUALLY happening! News broke early this afternoon that former Fast & Furious director Justin Lin will be directing the sequel to Michael Jordan’s basketball-playing Looney Toons pals, and that the Tune Squad will be getting a new teammate in the form of…

LeBron James!

It’s no secret that James has long been interested in revamping the Space Jam franchise (or lack thereof), and all along seemed like the ideal candidate to fill the shoes left by Jordan after his unbelievable, arm stretching buzzer beater to give the Tune Squad a huge victory over the MonStars.

So what’s the plot? Do the MonStars return and LeBron saves the day for the Tune Squad? Does LeBron need to find a new way to motivate his cartoon teammates after running out of the “secret stuff?” Perhaps he jumps ship the MonStars, leaving the Tune Squad with only Bugs, Daffy, Lola and an aging Bill Murray? We’re not exactly sure yet…

But what we ARE sure of, is that these 5 ballers could make for a better teammate than King James. Prepare for the hot takes.

5. Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis Brown

This one seems pretty obvious. If he can stay healthy, Davis might be the only current NBA player who can stack up against the size & strength of the MonStars. While LeBron has shown the ability to play potentially all five positions on the floor, Davis may be the only player with enough height to make Blanko (the blue Nerdluck who took Shawn Bradley’s powers) play to his actual size (which is very small). Also, at just 23 years old, he could be a force on the Tune Squad for years to come. Did we mention the endless potential for what the unibrow itself could accomplish?

4. James Harden

Harden Cooking

Fear the beard! For the Tune Squad, Yosemite Sam is currently the team’s bearded wonderkid – however, adding Harden and his trademark facial hair flow could prove to the be winning component the team needs. There’s no reason to think that the Beard Bros. couldn’t produce and make up for the one of the best backcourts in Space Jam history. We know what he can bring on the offensive end, but it’ll be tough defensively – especially for a team that made the scoreboard read “Kinda one-sided, isn’t it?”

3. Russell Westbrook


Perhaps the game’s all-around best player at filling the stat sheet, there’s little doubt that Westbrook could lead this rowdy bunch at the point guard position. Triple-doubles? C’mon. In the Toon Universe, we’re looking at quintuple-doubles, if not more. You thought Jordan’s stretchy arm was athletic? Just wait ’til Westbrook takes the stage. With the anger and aggression Russ plays with on the court, he’d make Taz look like child’s play.

2. Kevin Durant

Durant Really Good

This upcoming offseason, every NBA team will be making sure they have enough cap room to lure Durant to their franchise, and rightfully so – he’s one of the best players on the planet. The Tune Squad are no different than the other NBA teams that covet the Slim Reaper. With a superstar in Bugs Bunny who clearly doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight (see Space Jam and the chemistry with Jordan), the duo of BB & KD could be a force. Perhaps they could unload a disgruntled Daffy Duck to clear some cap room, but the thought of Durant leading this rebuilt Tune Squad is trouble for the league…

1. Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

Was there ever any doubt? Perhaps there’s no player better suited to play in an alternate reality than Curry, seeing as he’s practically doing that on a nightly basis. We’ve seen what Steph Curry can do with a ball in his hands on the REAL basketball court – can you imagine in the Toon Universe? You think that 3 vs. OKC was insane? Wait ’til you see Steph making shots from OUTSIDE THE ARENA. Seriously though, is there any reason to think he wouldn’t be able to do that? You could pencil the Tune Squad in for 82-0 – if not 98-0 after the playoffs…

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