2016 has not been kind to new shoe releases, that is for sure.

We all remember the flack that the Curry II lows caught when they dropped, and then of course there was the release of the Curry lux, which also caught shade:

And let’s not forget J.J. Watt’s shoes which dropped a few months ago…

But now, we have perhaps the worst shoes that have hit the internet this summer – James Harden’s new signature Adidas shoe:


The NBA’s second-leading scorer has to have better shoes than those. With the big deal Harden just signed with Adidas, his signature shoes were much anticipated, but you couldn’t have thought these would be the final product.

Of course, the internet had a field day:

And last but certainly not least,

Here’s to hoping that when Harden laces these up and is scoring 40 a game that these kicks will start flying off the shelves!