Zach LaVine

The 2015 Champion is back to defend his crown — could he possibly do better than last year? No way, right? I’m genuinely afraid he’s going to take off for a dunk and just not come back down.


Andre Drummond

The 6’11”, 280-pound behemoth from the Detroit Pistons was not only selected to the all-star team for the first time in his short career, he will be a dunk competition participant as well. Drummond may not have the jumping ability that the other competitors do, but, he can rip the rim off the backboard and eat it which would probably end the showcase in his favor immediately.


Aaron Gordon

It feels like the high-flying Orlando Magic swingman has his own segment on the Sportscenter Top 10 at this point. Any rebound that doesn’t shank has the potential to be putback dunked into oblivion by Mr. Gordon, and you get the feeling like he’s gonna parlay his raw athleticism with his dunking prowess into something filthy. This is not only the darkhorse, tis my pick to win.

Will Barton


The fan favorite … The self-proclaimed “People’s Champ” finally gets his opportunity to shine on the NBA’s biggest (dunking) stage. Watching Will play this season, I can guarantee one thing one thing: he’s going to finish in either first or last. Dead last. No-one goes hard at the rim like Will, and you gotta think he’s gonna empty his arsenal before it’s all said and done.