I can’t remember a year heading into a NBA Draft with THIS many rumors swirling around.

The first two picks seemed set in stone, but after that … it was mayhem.

For a recap of how the lottery shook down, follow along below.

No. 1 Overall —
Philly did exactly what we thought it’d do and exactly what was reported it’d do and selected Ben Simmons.

Zero shock factor here as the 76ers finally get their biggest building block to go along with their other piles of lottery picks.

No. 2 Overall —
The Lakers did exactly what we thought they’d do and select Brandon Ingram. This is easy! Clearly the best player on the board, some feel Ingram has an even brighter future than Simmons.

No. 3 Overall —
I’ll try and keep this brief. The Celtics had about six guys on their draft board here and even more potential trade targets with this pick as the major piece.

But in the end the Celtics decided not to make a trade and went against the grain in selecting Jaylen Brown. It wasn’t for lack of effort by Danny Ainge, though.

C’s fans were not happy at the draft party at the Garden.

No. 4 Overall — The Suns sounded like they were locked into Marquese Chriss and weren’t really rumored to be discussing any trades. But in the wake of the Celtics sending shock waves through the draft, Phoenix gave us a minor surprise of its own.

And in the end it was indeed Bender, which left the door open as to where Chriss could fall with the teams coming up seeking guards.


No. 5 Overall — Enter the very pleased Timberwolves. At first there were talks of a big trade.

Seems like the deal was held up over a pretty small issue considering Minnesota would’ve gotten Jimmy Butler. But we found out why when we got a sneak peak at Coach Thib’s Big Board.

Dunn was indeed the pick, and goes on to join a heck of a core in Minnesota. The Butler trade was discussed all night, but by the end of the lottery looked as though it wouldn’t be going down.

Oh, and, Kris Dunn … WHAT ARE THOSEEEE?!?

No. 6 Overall — When the Pelicans were on the clock we finally came back to something along the lines of what was expected. New Orleans wanted a shooter and got one.

Somewhat of an upset to see Hield go before the younger Jamal Murray who was also heralded as one of the top shooters in the draft. But …

No. 7 Overall —
The Nuggets decided not to keep us guessing and made the obvious pick.

I suppose the only thing we’ve been missing to this point is a trade!

No. 8 Overall —
The Kings were active even before the draft, adding the No. 22 overall pick in exchange for Marco Belinelli. This time, Sacramento decided to get rid of its pick and give us the first big deal of the evening.

With a plethora of bigs already wearing Kings’ uniforms, Chriss probably wasn’t the best fit anyway.

Meanwhile, Phoenix is smiling ear to ear having captured both targets that it had its eyes set on at No. 4

No. 9 Overall — So the Raptors don’t need a center, right? Wrong.

Can’t put a price tag on a Bismack Biyombo replacement.

By now we can pretty much begin to believe that anything’s possible when a team’s on the clock. Just start pulling names from a hat.

Like this. Hey, Thon Maker, you’re next.

No. 10 Overall — Oh, wait … he wasn’t kidding?!?

There are surprises, then there are SURPRISES. Frankly, we don’t exactly know Thon Maker’s age and he is coming to the NBA out of “high school”. So this was a SURPRISE.

Here’s some info on where the mystery man’s spent time.

If anything the Bucks get a freak athlete. If he develops into another Giannis, watch out, league.

No. 11 Overall — With a good chance of going in the top-10, Orlando likely thought they wouldn’t get a shot at Domantas Sabonis. But if you haven’t gotten the gist by now, this was a weird draft.

So we thought. Now things really get weird.

Magic fans everywhere rejoice! FOR???

Well, a heck of a haul actually.

OKC is feeling the heat and throw up a Hail Mary to impress KD. This is likely the type of return that will impress. Even more obvious at this point, it’s Woj’s world and we’re all just living in it.

No. 12 Overall — Catching my breath

Ok, thanks. Of course, this pick comes on the heals of the Jeff Teague/George Hill three-way trade involving the Jazz, Hawks and Pacers. Utah made the pick, but it’s going to Atlanta.

Ok, a little bit of a reach, but I think we can agree that we’re back to a point of normalcy.

But just to show how unpredictable this draft is, check out what Prince said about his own Draft expectations.

No. 13 Overall — The Suns picked for the Kings here, who decided to make sure nobody got in their way of snagging yet another projected late first-rounder.

As mentioned in the broadcast, this was an eight player draft. Yes, two elite players were at the top, but the next six players (no matter the order) were somewhat predictable. Once the ninth pick came around, we saw how much of a crapshoot this draft really was. This pick is a perfect illustration of that logic.

Thanks for speaking for all of us right about now, Zack.

No. 14 Overall —
Fresh of trading D-Rose, the Bulls didn’t want to mess this one up. So they went with a very safe pick who was very happy to be picked.

It was by far the most emotion we saw on the night by a lottery pick as well, which was refreshing. Sometimes it takes those four year players to fully appreciate the scene.

Let’s wrap things up with a sweet joke.


As for the rest of the draft, safe to expect the unexpected if it goes anything like the lottery.

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