First things first, John Wall’s painter dude is the paintiest painter I have ever seen. I think seeing Mark Paul Deren actually makes the mural way WAY better too. Not that it wasn’t impressive before, but seeing the artist himself gave me such a reassuring feeling of “wow he DOES do this for a living!”

Hard to find good mural men out there… thank god for MDP! I am the one who likes this.



Apparently #WEENenberg is 4 sale…i might just have to buy it myself!! : 👀 @awelliott

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Really dig this dude’s stuff but gotta figure it’s out of my price range. For the the newest freshest 25 year old All-Star PG in the NBA?

Aint nothing but a thaaaaang





Also absolutely LOVING the Nightman eyes on J-Wall, really ties the whole thing together. Rowdy Ronda’s mural doesn’t have trolltoll eyes but it does have one of her favorite personal quotes…





Very poignant since the street artist who did this went to High School with Ronda and hopes to get her in front of it sometime soon. Hard for anyone to stay away from the gaze of muscle beach but Ronda may be too busy…

Nope not getting ready for her Holly Holm fight though… she’s headed to the Marines Ball baby!





I was so pumped for this kid at first but then I saw Ronda’s latest Instagram post and no joke got SO jealous…

WHY CAN’T SHE BE MINE SHE’S PERFECT WHAT A CRAZY WORLD WE LIVE IN AHHHHHH (but kudos to you sir and thank you for your service!)



😍 these Joker and Wolverine edits by @alexmurilloart

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