There is only one place on the internet to find the Daily Fantasy NASCAR scores for every driver and for every race. It’s the draftkings player cards. You can get racing stats in a lot of different places, but only draftkings displays each driver’s stats across the five scoring categories.

NASCAR Player Card 1

With the player card, it’s easy to examine finishing position and place differential. Total points also jumps out as a quick reference point for making daily fantasy NASCAR picks. By examining Kevin Harvick’s card, we can learn more than just this driver’s history. If you look at the fastest laps and laps led category, you’ll notice a correlation. Identifying trends and correlations using draftkings player cards will separate the players that are in the money and those on the outside looking in.

Let’s look at another driver card and see if we can find a trend.

NASCAR Player Card 2

If you were going to make predictions about the upcoming race, what could you surmise from Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s player card? He always improves his position and is a great source of place differential points and finishing position points. At other sites, it will take you a lot longer to get to this information and it will be sandwiched in between irrelevant racing statistics.

Another quick reference point that we can create in our head is fantasy points in comparison to salary. Both of these players have been top performers this year and have lived up to their salaries. Excluding Harvick’s Michigan race (a flat tire fiasco), the noticeable difference is that Harvick has shown a higher upside. When quickly comparing the two drivers using the player cards, the difference is obvious – fast laps and laps led points.

Junior scores well in place differential points, but starting further back in the field prevents him from scoring a commanding amount of laps led and fastest laps points. The quick player card analysis implies that place differential might be consistent, but fast laps and laps led are key to crush the DFS field.

The draftkings player cards are quick and insightful. They help players understand the drivers and trends in daily fantasy NASCAR.

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