As we do with any new game, we review game play on an ongoing basis. We strive to have the most clear scoring elements in all of our games, ones that are easy to understand and delivered to our customer base in a timely and accurate manner. After much analysis and research, we have learned that Pass Differential data, when calculated in real time, may vary from the final stat for technical reasons, and thus requires a true-up reconciliation process after the race. This post-race true-up process was not put into place until 7/26. Therefore, all previous race contests offered on DraftKings were finalized with real-time, non-reconciled Pass Differential data.

Our stats-provider has provided updates where necessary to the Pass Differential data that was used for previous race contests offered on DraftKings, and we have used the new data to re-calculate correct payouts. All players whose entries were negatively impacted have been credited the difference in payouts that they would have gotten had this data been trued up post-race for the prior race contests, and have received an email with this information. Funds will not be removed from any user accounts that were positively impacted.

Furthermore, since Pass Differential data can change post-race, it does not fit with DraftKings’ real-time user-experience standards, and therefore we have removed it from the game moving forward, starting with the race contest on Sunday August 2nd.

Full Details on Pass Differential Being Trued-Up Can Be Found Here

Additionally, the Pass Differential definition has been clarified as follows:

Pass Differential

The total number of “passes” minus “times passed” while under green flag conditions. Drivers can only pass or be passed when they are on track or in the pits during green flag laps. Drivers’ number of passes and number of times passed will not increase when drivers are in the garage. Positions gained or lost under yellow flag conditions are not counted towards the passes or times passed total.

Note: A driver can have a strong finish, but a poor pass differential. Unscheduled green flag pit stops (for problems such as loose wheel, car damage, fuel shortage, etc.) can increase a driver’s ‘times passed’ figure. If the car in question gains back positions during subsequent yellow flag strategies, it will not be reflected in the car’s pass differential.

Additionally, there are instances where a driver can receive credit for a pass, but no driver is credited with a times passed, which could create the possibility for the sum of all drivers’ Pass Differential to be greater than zero. See examples below:

1. If a car is involved in an accident between loops, and cars behind the ‘accident car’ hit the next loop before the yellow flag is triggered, a ‘pass’ will be registered for the cars that reach the next loop. If the ‘accident car’ is too damaged to reach the next loop, a ‘times passed’ would not be registered.

2. If a car passes another car, and the new lead car hits the next loop, a ‘pass’ will be registered for the new lead car. If a yellow flag is triggered before the recently passed car hits the next loop, a ‘times passed’ will not be registered for that car.

Lastly, based on feedback from users and analysis around how to add more opportunity for strategy to the game , we have made an unrelated change to increase number of drivers per lineup to 6. Due to the changes to our NASCAR game, the posting of our NASCAR contests has been delayed this week but are posted now.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please email with any questions.