Rankings below are based on a mixture of expected output and DraftKings’ NASCAR salaries for that day. The ordering is not based on highest projected fantasy totals, but rather by value of each driver.

(fppk = average fantasy points per $1,000 of salary.)

1. Kevin Harvick ($12,100) – When a driver nearly doubles the point total of the second place dirvier, that’s a big deal. Harvick scored over 100 hog points in the first Dover race. He no longer has a huge edge, but he’ll unload with the winning setup at Dover. (5.8 fppk)

2. Martin Truex, Jr. ($11,500) – His Dover track history checks out. It’s also his truest hometrack. In the spring, Truex did not deliver, but that might as well have been another season, it was so long ago. In the first Dover race, Harvick was on top of the world, and Truex had not yet hit his stride. (4.8 fppk)

3. Kyle Larson ($10,200) – Similar to Truex, he should have made some noise in the spring at Dover, but he didn’t and that’s likely because of Kevin Harvick. Last year at Dover, Larson scored the most hog points in both races. (4.3 fppk)

4. Kyle Busch ($11,800) – Every spring Dover race something goes wrong. Every fall Dover race, Kyle Busch crushes. He’s scored over 75 fantasy points in each of the last fall Dover races. It’s not a seasonal issue. He’s fast at Dover, but half of the time he has bad luck. (5.5 fppk)

5. Jimmie Johnson ($8,200) – Some tracks are associated with legendary drivers because of the driver’s dominance at those tracks. Dover is Jimmie’s track. He’s won at Dover 11 times. Last week, Johnson showed there’s still a little magic left in the tank. (3.7 fppk)

6. Joey Logano ($8,900) – The last two playoff races are worrisome. Logano opened the playoffs with his third top 5 finish in four race. At Richmond, he finished 14th. He followed with a 10th place finish at the Roval. (3.9 fppk)

7. Brad Keselowski ($10,700) – He was in a familiar place at the Roval. Keselowski was leading laps and on his way to a win, but on the last restart, he drove straight into a wall. It’s almost as if Wile E. Coyote had painted the image of a tunnel on the wall. (3.8 fppk)

8. Kurt Busch ($9,100) – Before the playoffs, Kurt had a streak of eight top 10 finishes. He started the playoffs with two finishes outside of the top 15. With a top 5 last week, he’s back on the right track.(4.6 fppk)

9. Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. ($6,000) – This is the type of track that suits Stenhouse. His car will be terrible in qualifying, practice, and the race. However, he’ll get everything out of it, and earn a top 10 or a DNF. (3.1 fppk)

10. Clint Bowyer ($9,300) – The SHR Fords had a strong showing in the spring, but that was a long time ago. Bowyer almost won the first Dover race, but the rain held off. He scored the third most hog points, but does SHR still have a huge advantage? (5.1 fppk)

11. Chase Elliott ($9,900) – Before finishing 12th at Dover in the spring, Elliott had earned a top 5 finish in each of his first four Dover races. Back in the spring, Hendrick Motorsports had terrible cars. It would not be surprising for Elliott to return to his top 5 ways. (3.9 fppk)

12. Aric Almirola ($8,300) – Way back at the dawn of DFS NASCAR in 2015, Aric Almirola earned a top 5 finish in both Dover races. It was pretty flukey. In this spring’s Dover race, Almirola finished 11th. It wasn’t a fluke because he drives for the only team that has all of their cars still in the playoffs. (4.7 fppk)

13. Erik Jones ($8,700) – The playoff run is over, but that’s not a bad thing. The playoff drivers who are not elite do not take enough chances. They’re too conservative and turn top 5 cars into top 15 cars. (3.7 fppk)

14. Denny Hamlin ($9,600) – The playoffs didn’t really work out for Hamlin this year. This season didn’t really work out for Hamlin. He didn’t win a race and only earned a handful of top 5 finishes. Hamlin is next year’s Jimmie Johnson. (3.7 fppk)

15. Ryan Blaney ($8,500) – The nice thing about fluke wins is when the veteran messes up, it’s a young driver who gets the win. Blaney’s career at Dover is fun. It’s buttressed by 8th place finishes, and in between, three bad races. (4.0 fppk)

16. Ryan Newman ($7,800) – If Newman were in the playoffs, he would be a championship contender. Over his last 10 races, his average finish is 12th and his worst finish was 19th. This is classic Newman. (3.7 fppk)

17. Austin Dillon ($6,900) – After the first two playoff races, Dillon was almost a lock to advance into the round 12. Too bad the Roval is the new Talladega. Playoff Dillon is boring anyway. Now, he can get back to his unconventional race strategies that lead to finishes inside the top 10 or outside of the top 20. (3.7 fppk)

18. Alex Bowman ($7,300) – Slowman Bowman is back to his slightly above average ways. His consistent mediocrity earned him a spot in the playoff Round of 12. He needs top 10s to advance to the next round, but he’s only earned five top 10s this season at normal ovals. (4.0 fppk)

19. Jamie McMurray ($7,500) – Did you know that he finished 2nd last week? That was his best finish of the year. McMurray scored the 12th most fantasy points in the first dover race and was a solid cash option, but he was $100 cheaper that week. (3.2 fppk)

20. Daniel Suarez ($8,000) – In the spring race, Suarez finished 3rd, but he got busted cheating. Here’s the deal – everyone cheats. NASCAR only inspects the top 3 cars. If you’re not going to win, then finish fourth. Don’t finish third! (3.8 fppk)

I am a promoter at DraftKings and am also an avid fan and user (my username is greenflagradio2) and may sometimes play on my personal account in the games that I offer advice on. Although I have expressed my personal view on the games and strategies above, they do not necessarily reflect the view(s) of DraftKings and I may also deploy different players and strategies than what I recommend above.