Tuesdays & Lineup Building Beats go together like salt & pepper, right? Talk about an action-packed day of sports – NBA, NHL, and UCL are all live today. Seems like you should be totally focused when constructing tonight’s lineups. Here’s 10 tracks to get you in the right mindset to build some lineups for tonight’s action:


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1. Ink Don’t Bleed – Watsky

2. Retrograde – James Blake

3. City of Stars – Logic

4. Check – Meek Mill

5. Razor Blades & Steak Knives – Jarren Benton

6. 10 Bands- Drake

7. Paperbond – Wiz Khalifa

8. Relax My Beloved – Alex Clare

9. Drive Slow – Kanye West

10. Eye for a Eye (Your Beef is Mines) – Mobb Deep

Lineup Building Beats: follow the DraftKings Spotify Playlist for all of these songs and more. In case you are just joining us, every week we will compile a list of tracks to rock/jam/vibe out to while you’re building those lineups. We’ll do out best to mix it up, each of us have a slightly different taste in music. Remember to hit us back with your favorite tracks and we might just add yours to the playlist!