Can you feel the Mania?! Tournament time is the best time of the year, and yesterday’s slew opening games did not disappoint. The best part? There’s more games today and throughout the weekend before we get to do it all again next week! So while you’re putting together your best CBB lineups, we’ve compiled this exclusive playlist of the Top 10 Fight Songs in college hoops. Enjoy!


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1. I’m a Jayhawk – The University of Kansas Marching Jayhawks

2. I’m a Tar Heel Born – The UNC Marching Tar Heels

3. Boomer Sooner – The University of Oklahoma Marching Band

4. Fight, Blue Devils, Fight! – Duke University Marching Band

5. Indiana Fight – The Indiana University Marching Hundred

6. On, University of Kentucky – The University of Kentucky Pep Band

7. Notre Dame Victory March – The University of Notre Dame Band

8. Maryland Fight Song – The University of Maryland Marching Band

9. MSU Fight Song – Michigan State Spartan Marching Band

10. On, Wisconsin – University of Wisconsin Marching Band


Lineup Building Beats: follow the DraftKings Spotify Playlist for all of these songs and more. In case you are just joining us, every week we will compile a list of tracks to rock/jam/vibe out to while you’re building those lineups. We’ll do out best to mix it up, each of us have a slightly different taste in music. Remember to hit us back with your favorite tracks, and we might just add yours to the playlist!