Go Ronda go! As if you needed another reason to root for Ms.Rowdy, this comes outta nowhere and simply dominates in every single way. It doesn’t give away any training secrets or show how long she’s in the gym (probably the entire day) but it’s another example of how hilarious Ronda Rousey really is. A montage set to “A Montage”? Perfection.

She hasn’t been shy about showing her personality before, talking about Pokemon on Jimmy Fallon and wearing a Dragonball Z Meme shirt to Wrestlemania, but this is the type of self awareness rarely seen in athletes of her international fame. Something about Ronda always seems relatable and knowing she’s the most dominant in her sport makes it even more impressive. How many #1 athletes in the world can pull off humor like this while training for the biggest event of their life?

Rowdy Ronda FTW!


(and there’s a slightly more serious/just as cool montage video for week 2)