(skip to 6:30 and 14:30 for some sweet moments)


Ronda Rousey is gearing up for her UFC 190 match vs. Brazil’s own Bethe Correia and she’s already laser focused down in Rio De Janeiro. Yesterday she put on a show for fans by the Rio beach and it’s pretty clear Correia won’t exactly be a hometown favorite on Saturday.

Can’t blame Brazilians for getting all googly eyed though, even Lebron James is blown away by her presence..


He’s not wrong..





No doubt she could snap any human in half whenever she wants to but she’s not as scary as she looks folks! Amazingly some little kid was the bravest soul on the beach yesterday..




Bethe Correia is so friggin screwed. Seriously who’s gonna root for that loser down there? Everyone’s all about that Rowdy life!




UFC 190 is Saturday August 1st at 10 pm