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It’s now less than a month until Ronda Rousey gets her ROWDY on against Holly Holm at UFC 193. Her training montages are still killing it and so are her recent interviews too. In this month’s edition of Self magazine Rousey dished on her favorite post fight meal and it does not disappoint..

“I eat about 50 hot wings. I love hot wings. After my last fight, one of the UFC owners flew in a private chef from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro so that he could make me hot wings, because there are no hot wings in Rio! That’s how important they are to me. The thing is, you’ve got to let me eat a couple before anyone else has any, because otherwise I’ll start eating faster. It’s a race to see who can eat the most. I’m so competitive, I even compete with hot wings.”

Be still my beating heart… If Rowdy Ronda is such a good fighter and SO cool all around, normal Ronda must be super lame right? NOPE

(on days off) “I’ll wake up, eat my little chia bowl, train. Then get a sandwich, go home and make out with my dog, watch TV shows about how the universe was made while playing Taichi Panda. If you have crazy, crazy days, doing nothing is such a luxury.”  

Is there a cooler human on Earth right now? Witch Hunter Vin Diesel excluded I’d have to say no. Imagine if him and Rousey got together and OH MY GAWD!!!  


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Of course Vin doesn’t need Ronda to improve HIS skills, nope he’s having her straight up train his 7 year old daughter for fun. I NEED a live look at the poor soul who asks Lil Diesel out to prom and has to wait in the living room with Dom. Makes “There’s Something About Mary” look like a cake walk..

First of all, I feel sorry for anyone that has to (date her). I wouldn’t want that on my worst enemy because I’m just that kind of dad.”

“I’ve been thinking about this since the day I cut the umbilical cord and because of that I made a decision early on that I was going to do everything in my power to empower her to handle it herself.”

“Because of her ‘auntie’ Ronda Rousey she is now an orange belt with stripes in Judo. I’m dealing with it early. I’m creating a beast and I want her to be able to say no means no.”

Winning UFC matches, crushing Taichi Panda, catchin ALL the Pokemon, training Lil Diesel’s, and oh yea Ronda also has Venice Beach street artists dedicating entire murals to her. Not too shabby for a girl living out of her car a few years ago huh? (She also looks good in non-cartoon form)

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