Really cool fan-made stuff here, UFC needs to sign this dude up ASAP I’m tingly all over! The fight may be over 5 months away but I’m ready to see this shiz RIGHT NOW. Bethe Correia was fun and everything but everyone knew she never had a chance against octagon Ronda. She was pretty much all talk/dead dad jokes. I don’t expect Holly Holm to make suicide puns or jive alotta trash, this seems like a no nonsense “Let’s Just Use Our Arms And Legs To Pulverize Our Faces”  type of matchup.

They’re still gonna try to literally kill each other and there will be some bad bloood HEY for sure, but it’ll be a classy kind of bloodbath. Honestly think there’s a good chance Ronda loses this PPV too. Submission moves aren’t all that effective when you’re getting straight pummeled in the grillpiece. Holm has got some strikes like that IN SPADES.