Every revolution starts with a fight…


Well if that didn’t get your blood pumping I dunno what will! Because of her meteoric rise to fame, everybody already has a good idea of Ronda Rousey’s rags to riches story. I really liked this promo for also highlighting Holly Holm’s out of nowhere to career to become maybe the best female striker ever.

Simply put they are two of the most badass humans alive today and this promo really shows how that’s been the case since Day 1. At first I was kinda bummed about this fight since Holly Holm has been so damn classy about it… but that shot of them at the end has got me HYPED. Ronda Rousey walking down the tunnel in fight mode is legit the scariest yet coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

And she’s got jokes for days too folks! (and is a former #1 Pokemon trainer AND NOW I AM IN LOVE.)