Cardale Jones didn’t win “Best Breakthrough Athlete” at the ESPY’s but he did give everyone in the Twitterverse a pretty entertaining night. While Russell Wilson was emasculating himself on stage, Cardale was trying to feed that itch which is no itch at all. IT’S THIRST.



Thank God someone invented Twitter so true love can finally be found with ease. Best pound for pound MMA fighter in the world + National Champion Gunslinger… think I can already here dem wedding bells!


Ah shiz Ronda wouldn’t ice Cardale like that right?? Thankfully she cleared all of this up before Cardale changed his profile to “it’s complicated”…



MY MAN! Who knew the key to a woman’s heart was only 3 wisely worded tweets? Now if only he could get down to Brazil for UFC 190..


MY MAIN PART II! Who gives a heck about NCAA Sanctions anyway… GIVE CARDALE THOSE TICKETS UNLESS YOU HATE LOVE AND HAPPINESS ASAP. Trust me, you really DO NOT want to see his girlfriend* when she’s angry..