Well, it looks like the St. Louis Cardinals won another division. Like you had any doubt? Neither did I. But, it’s always nice to see new blood in the playoffs so I get a bit tired of those Red Birds.

With only a handful of games left in the season, it’s now or never if you’ve been waiting to give MLB DFS a whirl.  So, why not give ‘er a chance and get a taste of what you’ve been missing all season long?

Check out Wednesday’s suggestions if you need a push in the right direction.


Stud Pitchers

Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers ($14,800) – Like you needed another reason to start the best pitcher in baseball, but just in case you’re hard to convince… Kershaw has kept Giants hitters at bay over his career with a .179 BAA, while only allowing ONE home run in 280 at-bats. If there’s ever a sure-bet option, it’s Kershaw and his 31.3 FPPG average. Just be prepared to scrounge for value bats to offset his salary.

Jake Arrieta, Cubs ($9,600) – I’m sure we won’t see another 54-point performance (his last start)  out of Arrieta on Wednesday, although he’s a very safe bet to put up 20 points or so considering his strikeout rate and ability to keep runners off base in general. Arrieta has only had moderate success against the Cards though, but he’s about as “money” as it gets if you’re looking for another top-notch pitching option aside from Kershaw.


Value Pitchers

Scott Feldman, Astros ($6,800) – Normally I’m not crazy about rostering pitchers that head into Texas, but the Rangers’ bats have not been particularly strong this season. And, Feldman is going strong of late as he lowered his season ERA to 3.82. He doesn’t give many strikeouts, but he does keep the ball on the ground for the most part. Feldman hasn’t had a poor outing since the middle of August.

Brad Hand, Marlins ($5,600) – I recommended Hand not long ago and he was lit up, so hoping for much better results this time around. Hand has handled Phillies hitters well allowing no homers and only two extra-base hits in 65 at-bats over his career. Hand is someone to pair with Kershaw, since you’re going to need to cut dollars somewhere.


Stud Hitters

Wilin Rosario, C, Rockies ($4,900) – There isn’t much more that I can say about Rosario considering he’s been in this catcher slot for the last few days. He’s just too hot to recommend another catcher, and is worth every dollar right now.

Adrian Gonzalez, 1B, Dodgers ($4,900) – A-Gonz didn’t have a no-hit game of late until Monday, so his bat has been going very well at the moment. He faces Tim Hudson on Wednesday, where he’s hit .417 in 24 at-bats with two homers and five RBI against the San Francisco right-hander.

Robinson Cano, 2B, Mariners ($4,400) – Cano really hasn’t done anything spectacular with the bat of late, which is why his salary has stayed steady at $4,400. Cano has still be putting up positive points, just generally in the seven-point range on average over the last 10 games. The Mariners’ second baseman does have three homers and 11 RBI against Mark Buehrle over his career, while hitting .346 in 26 at-bats.

Anthony Rendon, 3B/2B, ($4,600) – Not that it’s a significant difference, but Rendon’s salary dropped $300 from Monday to Tuesday. Taking advantage there is smart since Rendon didn’t play on Tuesday and the salary is locked in for Wednesday when he’ll be back in the lineup. Rendon is on par to end the season with excellent all-around numbers.

Ian Desmond, SS, Nationals ($4,900) – You have to take advantage of the power history when looking at players, and Desmond has hit three homers against Mets starter Dillon Gee in 40 career at-bats. There’s nothing special with his batting average facing Gee, but that’s okay in this case. Plus, Desmond picked the perfect time to get hot averaging over 10 FPPG over his last five games played. Desmond actually has a chance of breaking the .260 batting average mark by seasons end.

Matt Kemp, OF, Dodgers ($4,800) – Kemp is in the same boat as Wilin Rosario – a must start for me right now. So, forgive me for listing Kemp once again.  He sprinkled in an 0-for-5 game on Monday, but other than that Kemp has been doing everything for the Dodgers including a two-run first inning homer against Madison Bumgarner on Tuesday night.


Value Hitters

Bryce Harper, OF, Nationals ($3,600) – It looks like I’m getting extra happy about Nationals and Dodgers players for Wednesday DFS, but please make sure you understand I’m not recommending loading with those two teams. There’s just too many players heading into games on Wednesday that make sense, representing those teams. It’s up to you how you build your team, though. Harper has a couple of homers and four RBI in 16 at-bats against Dillon Gee, so that’s why I’ve got him here.

Garret Jones, 1B/OF, Marlins ($3,200) – Jones doesn’t get everyday at-bats these days, although there ‘s a great chance he’ll be in Wednesday’s lineup with the numbers he puts up against the Phillies Kyle Kendrick. Jones has two homers, four RBI and three more extra-base hits against Kendrick over 20 lifetime at-bats. Not bad for $3,200, eh?

Austin Jackson, OF, Mariners ($3,600) – Jackson (.429/.478/.524) shreds Mark Buehrle and deserves a slot in your outfield if your value hunting. No power history against Buehrle, but Jackson does get on base against him.


Good luck on Wednesday!