(Chicago Tribune) – “I didn’t say anything directed at him,” Lester said. “I don’t know why (Fletcher) was so upset. I had my head down when I was yelling. He went AWOL. I don’t know what was going on. It has nothing to do with umpire’s strike zone.”Ross said Lester and Fletcher had a brief argument earlier this season


Uhhhh obsessed much? Even a casual baseball fan knows Jon Lester yells at himself on the mound more than any pitcher in the MLB. All that angry arrogance must have something to do with the padding umpires wear.

Giant linebacker shoulders and a literal puffed out chest…it’s YOUR game to call and you can declare strikes/outs as LOUD as you want…straight up bully life. Let’s take a Live Look into Umpire Andy Fletcher’s brain…



Ah well that explains it. So a career minor leaguer who’s developed a nice little God complex over the years now decides every result on the diamond. Sweeeeet bro. I mean at least this wasn’t a repeat offense with Jon Lester and he doesn’t have a history of being a complete stooge..




Can we stick this guy in a dunk tank or what? Least they could do for Paddington Bear’s Birthday celebration. Probably the best pitcher out of all the creepy clothed bear mascots I know.