One sure way to delay the dog days of summer? Pocketing some straight cash homie! And there’s no better way to do that than joining the $1 Million Midsummer Classic that’s kicking off Friday night… With 1st Place winning $100k and payouts going all the way to 2245th place there’s literally thousands of reasons to enter but let’s look at the 10 Most Important Reasons now..



10) Unlimited Bragging Rights To Your Friends


Nothing better in life than bragging to your friends about how awesome you are right? It’s what they’re there for. Usually it’s pretty mundane stuff but imagine puffing out your chest with $100k in your pockets? If they tell you to stop being so arrogant just whip out the dinosaur egg you bought and place it on the table. There’s no comeback for that.



9) Finally Fulfill Your Dream Of Owning The Car From Knight Rider


It’s not all about finishing in 1st.. even if you fall down a few spots and end up in 3rd place there’s still 30k to play around with. Obviously the only move would be committing a decade of your life + all your winnings into restoring a piece of crap Trans-Am into a true thing of beauty. The Midsummer Classic is ALL about that KITT Life.



8) Picking Players From 14 MLB Games


Can’t ask for a bigger slate of games to choose from! That means there’s like infinity players that could give you a golden lineup, aka ALL YOUR FAVORITES. Whether it’s a sleeper or a stud you can handpick that man to join your $100k quest. No guarantees that he’ll hang out and have a catch with you after though.



7)Everyone Buys Your Drinks At The Bar After You Win


Anytime someone wins an awesome event people always like to celebrate. Sure after the dust settles everyone and their cousin will be coming to YOU for a Fireball shot but until then enjoy all those free draft beers baby… MIDSUMMER CLASSIC GUY’S #1 MIDSUMMER CLASSIC GUY’S #1!!!



6) If You Have No Friends To Brag To You Can Buy Some


Still counts!



5) Use Your Winnings to Go Blow Some Stuff Up With Zee Terminator


Omaze has some great charity opportunities and this is one of the best. Not only could you buy whatever level of Arnold interaction you want.. but you could probably buy the tank off of him too. Just make sure you finish at least Top 3 if that’s what your little heart desires.



4) Very Good Chance A Player In Your Lineup Hits A Wicked Tater


Chicks dig the long ball but so do DFS players/EVERYONE. There’s never a bad time to see a baseball attack the moon and no better time than the Midsummer Classic. Homers bring home the bacon and here’s another inside tip for you. Pick the good players, they’re good.



3) Friday Nights Are Boring And Need More Excitement


It’s Friday, Friday… Gotta get down, on Friday, Friday. Truer words have never been spoken. What better way to get down than to GET UP on the Midsummer Classic leaderboard? If you’re good enough to win you can probably afford your own music video too. Thank God.



2) Fully Enjoy Baseball Before The NFL Takes Over The World


Training Camps open next week. Some rookies have already reported to their teams. The clock is ticking fast until nothing else matters in life other than the NFL. Before baseball fades into the autumn wind join the Midsummer Classic and win yourself some tailgating $$$






Do you think The Rock is pumped up for The Midsummer Classic? YOU NEED TO JOIN THE MIDSUMMER CLASSIC NOW!




You heard the man! Stop thinking and start joining… $100k awaits you! Unless you wanna hang around here with The Rock some more..