Who doesn’t love the long ball? Very well could be baseball’s greatest feat and it’s certainly the most exciting. There have been some absolute BOMBS this season and hilariously HALF of them were hit by Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton. He probably doesn’t have much trouble finding a date in Miami. These other monster mashers probably do okay for themselves too… LOOKIN AT YOU YOUNG JOC!


Top 10 Longest HR’s of 2015


10.) Giancarlo Stanton 467 ft – Hit OUT of Dodger Stadium May 12th

Pitched at 85 mph… exited stadium at 114 mph. Considering this is only the 10th longest homerun hit and IT WAS OUT OF THE STADIUM, there must be some real red hot taters on this list. Has anyone ever called Giancarlo strong before? I’ll gladly be the first. GIANCARLO IS STRONG.




9.) Joc Pederson 467 ft – Scorched To Right Center Upper Deck June 2nd

IT’S GOIN DOWN! MEET ME IN COOOOORS FIELD! IT’S GOING DOWWWWWWWWWN. I really hope Joc comes out to Young Joc in the batters box or my whole life is a lie. Why are the Dodgers allowed to have all the players that hit ridiculous homers? It’s like a never ending fantasy draft over there. Have mercy!




8.) Josh Donaldson 469 ft – Bangs Off Upperdeck Scoreboard April 23rd

Josh must really love the french fries and gravy over the border. All he’s done this year is rake and it all started with a string of early season deep fly’s. Carlos Delgado would blush.




7.) Joey Gallo 471 ft – 5 Rows Into The Upper Deck June 13th

Joey Gallo may have been sent back to the Minors already but he made an immediate impact while in The Show. Shortest homerun he hit was 423 feet and on average he was hitting them out at 440 feet. I’ve been waiting for the next great Adam Dunn and he may finally be here.




6.) Giancarlo Da Gawd Stanton 474 ft – Crushes Ball Into Centerfield Camera Well May 15th

Fair warning here. 4 of the top 6 homeruns going forward belong to Gianboy. Definitely a helluva way to tie up a baseball game. It’s almost like Miami installed all these bells and whistles in their new stadium solely for moments like this. Good foresight on the 480 foot bombs Miami Dade!




5.) Giancarlo Darn Did it Again Stanton 475 ft – Fan One Hand Catches Upperdeck Centerfield Laser May 16th

How do you follow up a night where you hit homeruns a combined 866 feet? Well OF COURSE you hit a giant laser boom FARTHER than you did the night before. Bonus points to the fan who snagged this barehanded with one arm, that most definitely hurt. Baby was screeching in at like 120 mph!




4.) Alex Rodriguez 477 ft – An A-Bomb From A-Rod That No One Cares About April 17th


Throwing back a homerun ball must be one of the most weirdly satisfying feelings in the world. Spitting in the face of a once in a lifetime moment and yet it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. Judging from how far/hard the Rays fan threw that ball, A-Rod is HATED in Tampa Bay. Slash everywhere. Thank God for it.




3.) Young Joc Part II 480 ft – 20 Rows Deep Into Centerfield 2nd Game Of Doubleheader June 2nd

Is there anything better than a hotfire remix? Hitting a 467 foot homer earlier in the day wasn’t enough for Joc cause he likes being a greedy Hollywood boy. It doesn’t have the wow factor of an upperdeck homerun but Coors Field or not that is a ridiculously deep fly ball. Craziest part is he dug it out like a golf swing and made it look like a routine fly out. Huhhhhhhh???




2.) Giancarlo I Eat Firstborn Children At Night Stanton 484 ft – Left Center Deep Bleacher Shot June 5th





1.) Giancarlo Not Of This Earth Stanton 484 ft – Ball Gets Sent To Upperdeck Promenade Walkway June 23rd

If you’ve made it this far down the list you know what we’ve all been educated on this year… Giancarlo Stanton has ZERO chill. I thought he’d struggle this year, as any mortal man would, after being pulverized in the skull by a screaming fastball. Welp jokes on me + the rest of the MLB. Pitchers and baseballs everywhere are so freakin happy he’s on the DL right now.



Seriously though what happens when he hits a 500 foot homerun in an actual Major League game of baseball? Bruhhhhh




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