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I can’t remember a MLB season with so many ridiculous catches outside the playing field. Whether it was diving into water or catching 115 mph balls one-handed, the first half of 2015 most definitely belonged to the fans.

Also apparently bringing a baby to a ballgame is a guaranteed way to get something hit your way. Somehow the Top 5 is pure one handed baby catches. Incredulous!



Top 10 Fan Catches Of 2015





10. John McCain Can’t Quite Grab A Foul Ball In His Breadbasket



No one ever said catching a foul ball was easy. Other than the guy below of course..





9. Foul Ball Guy Somehow Grabs A-Rod’s 3000th Hit/HR Ball




Freakin Foul Ball Guy strikes again! It’s pretty cool that he traded in the 3000th ball for charity donations but it’s not that cool he spends his entire existence trying to stand where balls may/may not hit. What a life.





8. Cleveland Indian’s Kid Backs Up Miguel Cabrera At First




And that’s how an Indians fan can become a Tigers fan INSTANTANEOUSLY. Good looks on the kid having Miggy’s back, nice to see Silver Sluggers give back to their teammates.





7. Miami Marlins Fan Catches Giancarlo’s Upperdeck Homerun One-Handed





Giancarlo Monster Mash Stanton hit this ball so hard it got to the upperdeck at 115 MPH. I have no idea how this dude caught it one handed like it ain’t no thang… I also can’t believe he gave to ball to his buddy. True Life: I’m A BFF





6. SF Giants Fan Plunges Into McCovey Cove To Fetch Homerun Ball



EAT YOUR HEART OUT FOUL BALL GUY! Rash decisions are just the best.





5. SF Giants Fan Casually Catches A Homerun While Holding A Baby


Fair Warning here… This Top 5 could’ve gone any which way; it’s essentially five #1’s. Can’t begin to imagine that level of difficulty both in catching baseballs and also having them for life. Babies haven’t been this hot since 1946




4. Oakland A’s Mom Snags A Foul Ball In A Crowd While Holding A Baby




I wouldn’t come out of that pile with a ball if I had two hands and that dude from above with the giant mitt helping me. Also love how in all these baby catches the kids couldn’t care less about what’s going on. Adults are celebrating once in a lifetime moments while they’re just like, imma let you finish but GIVE ME DAT APPLESAUCE THEY HAD THE BEST SNACK OF ALL TIME DOE.




3. Philadelphia Phillie’s Fan Catches Foul Ball One-Handed While Baby Is Strapped To His Chest




I’m definitely glad all these catches turned out okay but all these parents were VERY nonchalant about screaming fastballs coming at their seed. Like what if you misplay it or miss it completely? It’s another level of confidence pulling this off with a human strapped to your chest.





2. Chicago Cubs Dad Snags Foul Ball From Adrian Gonzalez While Holding/FEEDING Baby




Beating out a professional baseball player to the ball wasn’t enough for this dude. He had to show up a perennial MLB All-Star all while holding his baby in the most chill way possible. Oh, AND HE WAS FEEDING HIM WHILE HE DID IT. Give this guy some love Chicago cause he is absolutely getting none when he gets home.








1. Washington Nationals Fan Catches So Many Feels Trying To Put On A Poncho




Arguably the best play of the 2015 MLB season so far. At no point in his rambling, incoherent process did he have anything close to a rational thought. Getting it on was half the battle but then the war of figuring out where arms go really stuck it to him. BTW it’s the arm-holes, that’s where arms go in a poncho. Nod if you understand me?