Stud Pitchers

Zack Greinke, Dodgers ($11, 200) – It’s a good thing the Dodgers are leaving Colorado, because they got trounced on Thursday. Wrigley Field isn’t exactly a pitchers park either but at least Greinke is coming off four solid starts in a row, three of which he’s picked up wins.

Gio Gonzalez, Nationals ($8,800) – Gonzalez has been equally decent at home and the road this season but I really love him heading into Miami where the outfielders have a bunch of room to wrangle fly balls. Career-wise Gonzalez doesn’t do well against the Marlins, so this is sort of a gut feeling play. If you’re not into the gut-feeling thing, then pass on Gio. And, if you’re looking for stats Gio hasn’t had an awful game since the very end of July.


Value Pitchers

Brad Hand, Marlins ($5,800) – I’ve got Hand here for a little of the same reason I picked Gio Gonzalez above. He’s pitching in a good park for pitchers in general although Hand is remarkably even with his home/road splits. Hand is only someone you want to take a chance on if you’re loading up your lineup with superstar hitters.

Kyle Kendrick, Phillies ($6,500) – I know, it’s weird suggesting Kendrick but the value is pretty decent for the point production he gives each game… over the last five starts or so anyway. I like him in San Diego, playing that park factor again, and that for the price tag he’s put up 23.5, 15.2, 23.6 and 12.7 over his last four starts.


Stud Hitters

Russell Martin, C, Pirates ($4,700) – Oh, wait, did Martin produce again Tuesday night? Why, yes, he did. Martin smacked a home run out of the park and gave owners a nice 16-point production. You have to love his OBP and that he’s almost an automatic start if you can stomach spending $4,700 on a catcher.

Anthony Rizzo, 1B, Cubs ($5,100) – According to recent reports, Rizzo is only supposed to play every other day until the rest of the season. I guess that’s the Cubs way of taking precautionary measures with Rizzo. Still, Thursday would be the night that he’ll start at first base. And, considering he’s a premier power hitter I’d get him in there if you’re willing to go 5K or above.

Dee Gordon, 2B/SS, Dodgers ($5,000) – Gordon has been smokin’ hot of late. Over his last Gordon’s salary has jumped up $800 since September 6, but I’m still fine using him at his current mark considering his hot run. Gordon has totaled 103 points since the sixth, and has averaged almost 13 points a game since then.

Josh Harrison, 3B/OF, Pirates ($4,500) – Okay, I’m not thrilled with the “stud” options at third base on Thursday, but I do like the fact that Harrison is hitting the ball well. You risk getting a zero out of him considering his youth and inconsistency at times, although a solid risk considering your other options.

Jose Reyes, SS, Blue Jays ($4,700) – With a career batting average of .306 against the Yankees in 144 at-bats, I like Reyes to contribute to your lineup on Thursday. He’s eight for his last 21 at-bats (including Wednesday’s game) and is a bright spot in the Jays lineup right now.

Michael Brantley, OF, Indians ($5,400) – Anyone that has 12 hits in his last eight games is okay in my book. Brantley has turned into a dependable and reliable DFS player, one of the best in 2014, with a 9.3 FPPG average on the season. If you’re going to spend 5K-plus on a player he’s a fantastic play overall.

Yasiel Puig, OF, Dodgers ($4,900) – Puig is a hitting machine of late, putting up 19 points over three of his five games (yeah, 19 points… oddly enough the same exact total). The price tag on Puig is actually not bad considering the popularity of his name. He’s worth the $4,900.


Value Hitters

Juan Uribe, 3B, Dodgers ($4,500) – The salary suggests that Uribe could be a stud-muffin contributor. I put him here in the value section only because I don’t think he’s a stud. Still, I like the production that he’s been giving over the last few games.

Austin Jackson, OF, Mariners ($3,500) – It’s been a disappointing season for Jackson to this point, although he has showed some flashes of brilliance. Jackson doesn’t usually hit the Yankees vaery well but I like his current streak of positive point production on a club that’s fighting tooth-and-nail for a wildcard spot.

Mookie Betts, OF, Red Sox ($3,800) – He’s been on-and-off in recent production at the plate, but Betts is getting everyday at-bats now and hits at the top of the Red Sox lineup. On the good days he’s putting up double-digit points for owners. Betts isn’t a bad option to fill out your roster.

Good luck on Thursday!