Minor League baseball teams just can’t stop won’t stop! Raising the jersey game to levels not seen since the Mad King ruled all of Westeros. Hotter than a dragon’s flame, smoother than a white walker baby’s bottom, more entertaining than George R.R. Martin’s laugh…



Just kidding. There’s nothing better than George hustling a little chuckle. He will be in attendance at the game but unfortunately not throwing out the first pitch. DAMN THAT GEORGE RR FOR KNOWING HOW THE INTERNET WORKS


(NY Daily News) “He responded very quickly, in a matter of hours,” Holley said, “and he said ‘This sounds fun, but I can’t come out to a Yankees game because I’m a Mets fan.'” 

“I asked him if he was interested in throwing,” Holley said,” and he said ‘No, thanks. I don’t want to do the first pitch because I don’t want to end up on Youtube like 50 cent.” 


Beating the internet at its own game 24/7… You know too much George Martin. Now pat yourself on the plaid back AND FINISH THAT DAMN BOOK.



Tickets still left for George R.R. Martin Night August 8th…ps they are bringing a wolf on the field