The Fantasy Baseball World Championship was an event to be remembered. It was our largest contest ever, and it crowned yet another millionaire. ‘Paulyshorts’ took his single entry into the FBWC and turned it into a seven-figure payday. The humble winner told DKTV that he will use the money to put his three children through college.

The finalists had a ‘once in a lifetime’ type experience in Las Vegas, and it all started with their arrival at the Wynn Resort and Casino. They then hit the links the second day in the hot Las Vegas sun. Excursion Day followed, where finalists chose to either relax at the Wynn spa, take a spin on the dune buggies, or zipline through the Boulder County mountains.

All of this led to the Fantasy Baseball World Championship on Saturday, where the finalists went head-to-head in pursuit of the $1 million top price. Let’s take a look back at an amazing week.


Bertini Arrival

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Final Sweat

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Paulyshorts 1st Place

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