Never change Philadelphia, never change.  And by that I mean please change immediately Philadelphia you’re scaring all of us.  Even for Philly standards this is wayyy below the belt.  She’s on your team man!  I could understand if she was rocking a Diamond backs shirt but it’s a sad Sunday indeed when there is Phanatic on (elderly) Phanatic crime.  Next time Arizona is in town she might be doing just that since the Diamondbacks went out of their way to show her not everyone there was a heartless bastard..  



Classy move by the Diamondbacks but in fairness doing literally ANYTHING after that sequence would be classy in comparison.  And don’t feel too bad for her.  The 63 year old fan went on 97.5 the Fanatic today and got a nice little care package.


“You do not do that to a lady. You hand that ball to a lady,” Joyce reminded us. She also called the guy a “dog,” which was particularly enjoyable.

The folks on 97.5 the Fanatic treated Joyce to a pair of front row tickets to a future Phillies game and a nice gift from a local jeweler.


As the old saying goes “Phillies fans HAMMER people” and it was just another instance yesterday. Chase would definitely be impressed with that guy’s speed but someone needs to write him a letter telling him to not be such a sack of dirt.