Due to the mayhem in Baltimore, the Orioles and White Sox had to postpone both Monday and Tuesday’s games at Camden Yards. What’s going on in Baltimore is horrible, and I’m going to stay away from that for the most part, but at least the O’s are going to get back to business on Wednesday! Kind of …

Camden Yards will reopen for baseball on Wednesday, but not to the fans
Camden Yards will reopen for baseball on Wednesday, but not to the fans

While the two postponed games are due to be made up as a doubleheader on May 28, the third game of the series will be played at Camden Yards on Wednesday. The catch is that there will be no fans in attendance when the Orioles throw the first pitch out at 2:05 pm.

“After conferring with local officials, it was determined that Wednesday afternoon’s game should be played without fan admittance in order to minimize safety concerns,” MLB said in a statement about the rare contest.

The game will be televised, but that’s pretty much the only normal thing we can expect to happen. There’s some conflict out there as to what the lowest ever attendance to an MLB game is (the lowest I’ve seen reported was six), but there’s no doubt that the record will be broken in this game. MLB.com did a good job outlining some other historic games to be postponed/affected by rare occurrences.

Some of the examples include the Rodney King verdict in 1992, MLK’s assassination in 1968, September 11, 2001, and the earth quake during the 1989 World Series.

None of those events, however, led to a game being played in an empty stadium.

What stands out to me is just how weird this game is going to be. Aside from the team and the media, who needs to be there? The vendors get the day off … there’s no fans to serve. The PA announcer should get the day off … there’s no fans to explain anything to. There doesn’t even need to be any music. Not a sound in the stadium besides the two teams playing baseball.

This is definitely going to be weird for the players. It’s going to look different, feel different, and probably just be eerily quiet. Maybe it helps, maybe it hurts. But you can bet it will be different.

Things get worse for the Orioles this weekend when they were supposed to host the Rays. That series will now be held in Tampa with the O’s at the “home team.” That should be interesting as well, although Tropicana Field should be close to as empty as Camden Yards will be.

Again, there’s no place for the riots that are taking place in the Charm City. But this is going to be one unique and historic baseball game on Wednesday afternoon.

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