The NL West will likely be decided during the last week of the MLB season… might even be the actual 1 game playoff. Seems like that’s how the SF Giants sneak into the Fall Classic every darn year. If the Dodgers and Giants keep letting their players pull off ridiculous stuff like this we’re gonna be looking at our NLCS teams no doubt!

The Best Coast would have no argument with that but picking a favorite between the two? That’s gonna be tougher than making a Lakers game before tip-off brah. I’m gonna give the WIN to Juan Gone here… mainly because anyone who reminds me of Spiderman is always a winner in my book.    






Plus Kershaw may have had the best pitcher’s snag of the season but he also drilled a hole to China later in the game. That’s not helping anybody, least of all the grounds crew.

Have a heart man, they just switched to Sanka!